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At ONE Private Wealth we have over 20 years experience providing advice and lending solutions to individuals, companies and small businesses.  We have also worked extensively in the non resident finance space have have been successful in securing solutions that not only meets our clients specific objectives but we manage your loans to ensure you are continually getting access to the best products available on the market.  


We are proud to acknowledge our track record and level of service.  We: 

  • Are members of the 1st and 2nd tier banks ‘Elite Broking Groups’  

  • Have an intimate knowledge of the Banks lending policies  

  • Know the market and who wants your business  

  • Able to obtain aggressive interest rate and fee discounts on behalf of clients that are not available via branches or online  


Regularly working closely with and use the following lenders:  

  • All 4 major banks  

  • Bank of Melbourne & BankWest  

  • And have access to over 25 different lenders to meet each client’s personal lending objectives  



This area of Finance has become particularly tough and through our global network we have been able to arrange a number of exciting opportunities and solutions for our clients and their clients.  

In summary:  

  • We have the backing from three of Asia’s largest financial institutions and are able to arrange finance to suit your needs  

  • We can access loans from $200k, up to $4m

  • We can access variable interest rates from 4.70% pa (AUD financing) and 3.37% pa (SGD financing)  

  • We offer a competitive LVR of up to 70% – subject to your country of citizenship/ or permanent residency  

  • Up to 35 years loan term  

  • P&I repayment only  

  • The minimum age of an applicant must be 21 years & the maximum age of an applicant at term expiry is 65 years  

  • All approvals valid for up to 6 months   

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