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One of the key strategies in boosting your Superannuation assets is salary sacrificing. Salary Sacrificing allows you to ‘sacrifice’ part of your salary to contribute into your Superannuation which is a great way to reduce your overall tax position and build your Superannuation assets.

How much can you salary sacrifice?

There are limitations on how much you can Salary Sacrifice and this is dependent on your age. If you are under the age of 49, the concessional contribution limit is $30,000 per annum which also includes the amount your employer contributes (i.e. the SGC). For those aged over 49, the concessional contribution limit is $35,000.

Benefits of salary sacrificing?

Salary Sacrificing has the following benefits:

  • The amount you Salary Sacrifice has a concessional tax of 15% versus your marginal tax rate

  • Boosts your super assets and retirement nest egg

  • Placing funds into a tax effective environment; as earnings on super is 15% and when you convert to a pension, earnings are taxed at 0%



Consolidating lost Superannuation for clients is certainly an important service we provide.

Changing Jobs?

On average, employees will change jobs every 2-3 years and as such, individuals may have their lost Super held across various Superannuation providers due to these changes in working conditions.

Consolidating Your Super into ONE

On average, employees will change jobs every 2-3 years and as such, individuals may have their lost Super held across various Superannuation providers due to these changes in working conditions.


Providing lost super advice and consolidating Superannuation services will ensure your Superannuation is consolidated under the one platform. This may ultimately lead to cost savings due to the multiple administration fees being paid by each of your individual funds.  More importantly, once we consolidate your lost Superannuation, should you change your working environment, will assist you in ensuring your new employer can make the regular super contributions into this platform.

Information we Require to ‘HELP’ You

To receive advice on lost Superannuation, we do require the following:  

  • Full Name  

  • Date of Birth  

  • Tax File Number  

We will then be able to track your lost Superannuation and assist you in consolidating it all under the one Superannuation plan. So if you do change your job in the future, be assured you can take this Superannuation plan with you and nominate this as your preferred choice of Superannuation at your new employer.



When servicing clients for Retirement Planning advice, one of our key areas of our strategy advice is to convert, where eligible, a client’s Superannuation from ‘accumulation phase’ into a ‘pension phase’.

Meeting your Preservation Age (55 and above)

To be eligible to convert your Superannuation, you first must meet your preservation age and for those who are born prior to 30 June 1960, your preservation age is 55. For those born after this date, the preservation will gradually increase to 60. When you meet your preservation age, you are then able to convert your Superannuation from an ‘accumulation phase’ into a ‘pension phase’.  Pensions are the most tax effective structure available in Australia. This means that any income you receive in your Superannuation such as interest income, dividends or rental income will be tax-free. In addition any realised capital gains that you can incur from a sale of an asset will also be tax-free and this is why a Pension structure is the most tax effective structure available in Australia. 

  • a 0% tax rate applies to income producing assets  

  • a 0% tax rate on Capital Gains Tax “CGT”

How we can ‘HELP’ you?

If you have reached your preservation age, we can assist you with the following:  

  • Convert your Superannuation into an Account Based Pension (if you have fully retired)

  • Convert your Superannuation into a Transition to Retirement Pension (if you are still working) 

  • Provide you with investment advice on your Superannuation assets based on your investor risk profile

  • Ensure you receive a regular pension income stream from your Superannuation



Self Managed Superannuation Funds are the fastest growing sector in the $1.4trillion superannuation industry, accounting for 31.1% of the Superannuation market.  The popularity and growth in the SMSF’s sector is highly driven by the level of flexibility it provides and in particular, the range of investment options compared to industry and retail superannuation funds.

SMSF Full Package Service

We provide high net worth individuals a full tailored SMSF advice package to establish and maintain the regulatory requirements from a financial advising perspective and also the accounting requirements.  SMSF’s do not require you to manage your own investments. This tailored SMSF package is managed by a qualified financial adviser in conjunction with an accountant to ensure you meet all the necessary ATO requirements and guidelines.

SMSF Benefits and Features

A SMSF allows you to have 4 members in the one superannuation structure. It is extremely common for both husband and wife to consolidate their Superannuation assets under the SMSF structure compared to having two separate superannuation plans.  You have greater access to a range of investment options compared to industry and retail super funds. These include:  

  • Cash Management Accounts  

  • Term Deposits  

  • Direct Australian Equities  

  • Direct International Equities  

  • Index Traded Funds  

  • Foreign Exchange  

  • Residential Property (Australian)  

  • Residential Property (overseas such as US)  

  • Commercial Property to lease back to your business  

  • Alternative Assets such as Gold & Silver Bullion or Arts  

  • Greater transparency and understanding of where your super assets are invested

  • Flexibility to convert superannuation from accumulation to pension for any member

  • Consolidation of administration and adviser fee charges as fees are charged to the one entity, being the SMSF



Superannuation and Retirement Planning is an important component of our advice to clients. It is important to understand whether clients will have accumulated a sufficient level of capital that will enable them to meet their income requirements through retirement

Key Retirement Planning Questions

There are some important areas to establish from our clients before providing strategic retirement planning advice. This includes:  

  • Understanding your current personal and financial position  

  • Determine the time-frame you would like to retire

  • What level of annual income you require to fund your future retirement

How we can ‘HELP’ you?

Retirement Planning advice includes the following: 

  • A full review of your existing net asset position (including Superannuation) to determine whether you are on track to retire.  

  • For clients entering into Retirement within the next 5 years, a clear plan as to how best to structure your investments and Superannuation, provide you with a tax effective income stream whilst taking into consideration your Age Pension entitlements (including the Heath Care Card).  

  • For clients entering into Retirement > 5 years, we need to understand your current cash flow position. From this we are then able to determine how best to reallocate your surplus cash  funds for investment and tax planning purposes (i.e. buy an investment property, salary sacrifice into Superannuation or establish a share portfolio).  

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